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116625 after I decided I had hit the limit and just stopped reloading my archers, so I just let the enemies kill me. Nice game, but add more functionality to make it better!

Good, but can be better

If you want to make the game alot better, increase the FPS and slow down all the controls, this will make it so that the game runs more smoothly, and there will be less gliding through blocks.


But screwed up preloader.


It was ok, but it got monotonous before I even got to lvl 2

SketchMichaels responds:

Fair enough :)


This is great, but add more units, and fix the save button.

Fully Upgraded Barricade 1&2, Maxed out AutoDefences, 1000 Tower Guards, 10 repair shacks, Comhub, 50 comhub employees! Kill them b4 they hit the killing field.

Work on it a bit more and you could have yourself a NG classic!

Very good

A very well made game, I loved it. It was very cute at first, but after a while it became very repetitive, perhaps you could add upgrades, money, or something more interesting. I liked the addition of the voice, it was very well suited to the game. Good job, I love your work.


It was ok, but I know you wont read this so I'll just say that it was ok, and anyone could make it.

Perty good, a few bugs

The was pretty good, except there were a few bugs, such as, I was able to just hold spacebar and I would shoot a continuous stream of laser, and when the laser was overtop of the dying crow, it would keep giving me points, so I could just keep a stream of laser over the dyin crow and I was able to rack up about 900 points in 30 seconds on the first level.

Good, but pretty repetetive

It's kinda fun, but its confusing, and it has no arbitrary actions to it, try adding some random things, which will kill its repetitiveness.

got milk?

gotmilk is the password

AngryAxel responds:

yes it is

I am freelance actionscripter, in fact, I am a free Freelance actionscripter.

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